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Titolo: Aimes-tu le français? : Percezione dello studio obbligatorio del francese nella scuola media
Autore⁄i: Caon, Fabio
Data di pubblicazione: 2012
Tipo di documento: Book
Serie: SAIL
 - Studi sull’apprendimento e l’insegnamento linguistico 1
Publisher: Edizioni Ca' Foscari
Abstract: This book is part of a collection of surveys appearing in the same series regarding, to date, the teaching of English as a foreign language in Italian High Schools, language teaching in Italian Universities and heritage language preservation in second-generation immigrants. This survey aims to highlight Italian Middle School students’ personal perceptions of the study of French. In the Italian School System, English is a compulsory subject from first year of Primary School to last year of Secondary School. This has led students (and considering the age of the sample of students, also their families) to perceive English as a useful, essential language to learn – a perception also confirmed by the media – placing other languages in a secondary position. The minor role attributed to other languages often results in insufficient motivation to learn them because they are seen as less useful and less interesting. As a matter of fact, students are hardly offered the choice to study other languages (in the schools providing this choice, Spanish has been the most popular language for the last fifteen years). Thus, if a second foreign language is already perceived as imposed by the school system, French is even more so. The analysis of students’ perception as far as the «imposition» of a second foreign language and the «useless» effort of studying it are concerned, is of paramount importance in order to define a methodology that can improve motivation. The survey instruments used to describe and measure the perception of the study of French as a second foreign language are questionnaires that were administered to the students. In order to compare their perceptions on teaching practices, study motivation, methodology, teaching materials and metacognition, the questionnaires were later integrated with interviews to their teachers. In the final part, on the basis of students’ and teachers’ answers, we offer observations on teaching practices for a more effective teaching methodology.
Lingua del testo: eng
Accessibilità del testo pieno: open
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