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Monograph Pubblications (Series "Documents in Language Acquisition and Learning")

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This series of Documents aims at making the main achievements of the Venetian School of Language Teaching Methodology (LTM) better known by presenting them in languages more widely read than Italian.
The first LTM courses in Italy were provided by Giovanni Freddi and Renzo Titone in Venice University, and it was here that the first university department expressly devoted to theoretical studies in LTM was established; the first full tenure in LTW was in again Venice, a chair which is currently held by Paolo Balboni, who continues the efforts of Freddi to link academic research to action in language policy and the dissemination of new ideas among teachers.
These Documents are the expression of a school which considers LTM to be the result of the interaction of the sciences of language and communication, of culture and society, of brain and main, of education and methodology - "interaction", i.e., a dynamic process which takes LTM far beyond the narrow perspective of "applied (psycho)linguistics".


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