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Title: Antisymmetry and Sign Languages: A Comparison between NGT and LIS
Author⁄s: Brunelli, Michele
Tutor/Advisor: Baker, Anne
Pfau, Roland
Cinque, Gugliemo
Date issued: 2011
Type of document: Doctoral Dissertation
Publisher: LOT, Landelijke Onderzoekschool Taalwetenschap
Abstract: This aim of this dissertation is to provide a first (partial) account for a wide range of syntactic constructions in Italian Sign Language (LIS) and Sign Language of the Netherlands (NGT) within an antisymmetric framework. On the one hand, it tries to evaluate the attested crosslinguistic variation between these two languages; on the other hand, it assesses whether the observed differences can be derived from a strict specifier-head-complement deep structure where only leftward movement occurs.
Keywords : Italian Sign Language - Syntax
Sign Language of the Netherlands - Syntax
Copyrights: © Michele Brunelli, 2010
Language: eng
Access rights: open
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