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Welcome to ARCA

The aim of Archivio Ricerca CA’Foscari - open access repository - is to collect and share research and teaching materials. It consists of communities and collections.

The Archivio della ricerca Ca’Foscari shows automatically the metadata and the digital copy of the contents stored by the authors in U-Gov Catalogue. For more information see the repository policy (Regolamento di Ateneo per il deposito in ARCA).
Contact us to ask for information, report problems or leave your feedback about ARCA: bda@unive.it.

The collections Department of Language Sciences, Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures, ITALS, Miscellaneous Linguistic Materials, Rivista di grammatica generativa are part of LEAR (Linguistic Electronic Archive).
LEAR collects, preserves and provides digital access to intellectual production, teaching materials and other documents resulting from the research on language and linguistics carried out at Ca' Foscari University and elsewhere.Full text access is restricted where publisher copyright restrictions prevail.
Contact us to ask for information, report problems or leave your feedback about LEAR.



Communities in Arca

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Archivio della Ricerca Ca' Foscari
LEAR. Department of Language Sciences
LEAR. Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures
LEAR. ITALS (Italiano come Lingua Straniera)
LEAR. Miscellaneous Linguistic Materials
LEAR. Rivista di grammatica generativa


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